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Too Sweet

I was so excited for this book to be released and to read Nico’s story that I dropped every book I was reading at the time to binge this. If you’ve read the first two books, you know that there of 7 Hayes boys and Nico has definitely been a mystery to us readers. His moody and destructive personality as well as the fact that he doesn’t date are all we know about him, so I was excited to read this and learn more about him.

I can’t lie, I was a little weary of this book (TRIGGER. WARNINGS.) from the jump with the age gap between Nico and the girl that peaked this emotionally unavailable man's interest. Her 19 to his almost 30 was definitely a tough dynamic to swallow, but something that became less and less important as the book went on.

Our cutie little female character, Mia, had a rough story. She’s been bullied basically her whole life and while she hoped for a fresh start in college, the bullying took a sharp turn into harassment from her male classmates. Luckily for her, the 3 youngest Hayes triplets (Cole, Coonor and Colt) took her under their wing and did their best to protect her.

As the story continues and you see Nico battle with himself to pursue a girl he shouldn’t want and feels he can’t have, while the boys at Mia’s school continue to torment her and make her life a living hell. While the bullying towards her seemed irrational and over the top considering she never did anything to deserve it, it is definitely an accurate depiction of real life situations other women may have faced before.

The first two books in this Hayes Brothers Series (Too Much and Too Wrong) were definitely lighter and relatively fluffier books than this one. The climax of the story at the end had my jaw on the ground and I could not believe what I read.

Without giving anything away, I thought Nico and Mia’s relationship was great with him being the protector he is and her being someone in need of protection. They both had so many demons and outside factors that could have prevented them from each other, but I loved that they fought for each other and with each other.

With that being said I was definitely disappointed with this book. Again compared to the other books in this series this book definitely took a dark turn. I am still a huge fan of I.A Dice’s writing and will obviously be waiting for book 4, Too Strong (finally getting to know the triplets) to come out in April, but wish this had followed a similar plot that I loved so much in the first two.

Book Rating: 3/5

Spice Rating: 4/5

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