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Love Redesigned

*cries in Lauren Asher

I’m not sure how she does it, but every book I’ve read of Asher’s has a hint of magic in it. From the first series I read of hers, Dreamland Billionaires, to now, she makes love feel easy. Our characters know that the right decision for them is not always the easiest one, but they recognize that they can’t live without the other person so it’s a no brainer for them.

I love how she makes me believe in love. While my expectations for love are high (thank you romance books) I know I would want a man like Julien Lopez. Someone who can back up what they say with actions, who notices my moods and while it may not always be perfect, knows what to say to me at any moment to make me feel better.

As far as contemporary romances go, this one had a bit of a slow start in my opinion. It felt a little redundant as Asher built up the characters and gave us the background information we needed in order to root for them. Once the book started to pick up though, it was basically impossible for me to put it down.

One thing I’m always going to love in a book is a jealous man… so Julian was my dream man. He really went and fired or promoted every man on the site project who so much as looked at Daliah, and it had me SWOONING.

This book touched on some tougher subject matter, so I would highly recommend looking up the trigger warnings ahead of time. Dahlia was a badass and tried to deal with everything on her own, but the true strength is in letting people in and sharing that pain with someone else. It made everything that much sweeter when she was finally able to take some of that weight off of her shoulders.

Julian and Daliah had a messy start, but took that time to find themselves, what they really wanted for their lives and found each other again. While this is the first book in her new standalone series, I was hoping for a little bit more in the epilogue for our characters, so I’m already looking out for book 2 to show us what they are up to.

THANK YOU to Valentine PR and Lauren Asher for sending me an ARC copy of this. I enjoyed it so much and was so thankful to be able to help promote this book prior to its release :)

Book Rating: 5/5

Spice Rating: 3/5

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