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Unwrapped by Them

I was first introduced to Eva Ashwood when I read the Dirty Broken Savages series and more recently the Filthy Wicked Psychos series. She is brilliant at writing reverse harem, dark romance, so this fluffy Christmas romance was a little different than I’m used to her writing.

The book was exactly what it looked like. 3 men (Cade, Dex and Noah) and a woman named Sadie are trapped in a cabin together during a blizzard when things start to happen. Again, the action and drama in her other books usually leads to shootouts and murder, so the climax in this book definitely seemed boring in comparison.

Ashwood’s writing style typically includes danger which heightens the emotions of all the characters leading them to understandably fall for each other faster than normal couples do. Without that key factor in this one, the book felt very insta-love which is not my favorite. In a more realistic setting, it is hard for me to believe that these characters fell in love after knowing each other for a week…

All that to say, that despite this book branching off from her typical plot, I really enjoyed it. The tension between all the characters was thick and the fact that they literally could not even step outside due to the winter storm only strengthened it.

The spice was exactly what I expected. She very much normalizes polyamories relationships and explores taboo topics in her books which is so fun. I was blushing, giggling and kicking my little feet reading some of the scenes in here. If you want a book with a lot of spice with a side of plot, this book is calling your name. It’s perfect with the holiday season around the corner.

Lastly, big shoutout and thank you to the reverse harem queen herself, Eva Ashwood, for inviting me to her Facebook reader group and sending me an ARC copy of this book :)

*Additionally, I just educated myself on the tea between Eva Ashwood and another author. It’s disheartening to see an author, especially a female author, try to tear down another female. As a book lover and blogger, I hate seeing this, but wanted to show my support to Eva in all of this and give her an additional star <3

Book Rating 3/5 (now 4 stars)

Spice Rating: 5/5

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