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Haunting Adeline

I did it y’all. I finally started the duet that is literally breaking the internet. Since it's October, I was hoping to get at least one spooky read in - and this delivered.

Even trying to avoid spoilers, there are some things that everyone knows going into this book; and a particular scene with a particular weapon comes to mind… But what I didn’t expect going into this book was that Zade would have such an impressive job.

Either I have avoided more spoilers than I thought or it has been kept very tight lipped that Daddy Z saves lives, like lots of them. It’s such a contrast to how I imagined him. Someone who saves people from human trafficking and stalks an innocent female in his free time? Not what I expected to say the least.

It was even darker than I imagined, you definitely have to have thick skin to be able to get through it. While we quickly learn that Zade takes a non-traditional approach when it comes to courting a woman he likes, he is very much a self-made man and dedicated his life to rid the world of scum and build a better world.

Zade is as aggressive as they come, but he would stop at nothing to protect Adeline. With the cliffhanger this book left us on, it’s only a matter of time before we see just how crazy this cat is for his mouse…

Book Rating: 4/5

Spice Rating: 5/5

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