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Your Drowning Heart

“I’m drowning in you, Paloma. You’re drowning my heart.”

I first need us all to take a moment to appreciate the great writing that authors do. It is the most exciting thing (well to me at least) when the title of the book gets spoken out loud by a character. It gives very ‘breaking the 4th wall’ vibes and I got chills reading this part.

Now that we’ve covered that, I can continue with the rest of this review.

Every time I think I’ve matured out of reading YA novels, I find one that sucks me back in and gives me all the feels. And if you’re reading this right now, you’ve probably figured out that I’m talking about this book…

Your Drowning Heart is a story that follows our female main character Paloma on her difficult journey to adulthood. Growing up in a fatherless home with a mother who consistently kicks her out of the house during her episodes, she makes the hard decision to move away, start fresh, and begin the process to emancipate herself.

Along the way, she literally falls into the arms of our male main character Jaxon and the two quickly form a connection unaware of what the future holds for them.

What I quickly learned to love about the author, Aurora Stenulson’s writing is that she does such a great job bringing everything full circle. No loose ends or ties that need to be knotted. Everything in her books has so much purpose and if you pay close enough attention to the little details, you may be lucky like me to be able to predict what comes next.

There was nothing to dislike about this book. From the characters, the plot and even the fricking cover were all perfect. I didn’t even mind the tears I shed towards the end of the novel when Stenulson decided to tear my heart apart.

Overall, this book was fantastic and I am so honored I was able to have early access to it as a member of her ARC team. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a good, heartfelt read and is willing to shed a tear or two.

P.S: I will be spending my weekends at the mall waiting for a charming man giving out free hugs to catch me <3

Book Rating: 5/5

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