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Wild Ever After (Wildcat Hockey #3)

If you want me to drop everything I’m doing and reading, then put a hockey romance in front of me. This ARC (thank you Valentine PR) was a super fun and light read. Wild Ever After is the third book in the Wildcat Hockey series. While I have not read the first two, I was able to jump right into this one without any confusion about what was going on.

This book focuses on Declan Sato, a Wildcat hockey player who coasts by and doesn’t make waves in the media. That all ends when his coach's daughter's best friend, Jade, gets dumped the night before her wedding and agrees to fake marry her for a year.

I really enjoyed this book and thought it was super light and fun, but one thing I love about sports romance is obviously the sports. As a reader, I noticed it definitely didn’t focus a lot on hockey and there were moments were I forgot Declan was a professional athlete because chapters would go by before he had a game or practice to attend.

Overall, I would still recommend this book to people and suggest they read the first two in the series as well. While I was definitely hoping for some more angst in this forced proximity/marriage of convenience/friends to lovers book, I absolutely got what I expected from it and had a lot of smiles reading it.

Book Rating: 4/5

Spice Rating: 3/5

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