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Veiled in Brick

Ok, in my review for the first book in this series, I said that there were very few books that catch me off guard. I stand by that, but this book makes the first one look like child’s play.

In this book, we follow Zoey (Claire’s bestie and roommate from book 1, Thinly Veiled) as she finds herself in a bit of a love triangle. One day she comes home to some flowers when both men clearly know she hates them. It’s quickly revealed that she has a stalker that is obsessed with her and won’t stop until he gets what he wants.

I already knew I was going to enjoy this book so much after the first one. It is so crazy to me how all the characters were able to move past the events of the first book and continue on with their lives, but they had no idea what was coming in this book.

I remember being hesitant reading Eliza’s first book because she writes solely from our FMC POV and I typically love seeing things from the MMC. She somehow writes in a way that we don’t need multiple POV’s and it amazes me how well its done. Her books are fast paced and always hook me right from the start. This was no exception as the first couple of chapters in the book, Zoey is attacked and learns about her stalker's presence.

I was slightly misled from the cover of the book thinking instead of a love triangle, we were getting a “why choose romance”. I thought both men really understood Zoey and stepped up to help her through this dark period of her life. While I love who she ended up with, it didn’t make it any easier as I loved the other guy as well.

The book was so well done that it was able to have so many humorous and light parts to the dark underlying context of the story. I really enjoyed it, even though some parts had my palms sweating from nerves. This is another great Halloween read and the best spooky season book.

Overall, if you like thriller books and you like romance books, this is THE book for you. I will be thinking about the ending of the book for a while as it reminded me a lot of Colleen Hoover’s Verity. It’s out for the world to enjoy, so do yourself a favor and go check it out now!

Book Rating: 5/5

Spice Rating: 3/5

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