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The Problem with Dating

I’m beginning to ask myself if Brittainy Cherry ever misses when she writes, because as far as I can tell, she doesn't.

This is my third time being an arc reader for her as I was previously selected to receive early copies of The Holly Dates and The Coldest Winter by her as well. I loved both of these books and always get nervous if a new release will hold up to previous ones.

I should know to trust Cherry more by now because what I read was the simplest, most romantic book I’ve ever read. She somehow added this magic to it and it made me stop to think about love and what it means to love someone else.

Our main characters Yara and Alex were perfect, not because they were flawless, but because of all the small ways they showed each other they cared. The book was full of glimmers, small acts of kindness that put a smile on not only our characters' faces, but mine as well.

This book had a Christina Lauren vibe to it, in the sense that although it was contemporary romance, it had an almost magically feel to it. I felt it as soon as it was revealed that forces stronger than fate were responsible for pulling our main characters together.

Cherry also has a gift for her character building. Every book I read by her, I feel an instant connection with. From the start, I was empathizing with Yara over her divorce and protective over Alex and wanting to take his pain away. They both had so much respect for each other and I loved that they knew exactly how to take care of each other.

Overall, this book is absolutely one of my new favorites. Cherry is an auto-buy author for me and I am so happy to support any and everything she does. If you like to read at all, this book is for you. It has very little spice in it, but the story itself makes up for it. Thank you again Brittainy for helping me get a copy of this arc when I was initially rejected <3

Book Rating: 5/5

Spice Rating: 1/5

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