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Of Mates & Magic

Werwolves and magic and mates oh my!

Were introduced to a small magical town. One were werwolves and witches can live a peaceful, normal life among humans. While they definitely aren't flaunting the news of their powers, they don't particularly hide it either seeing as the quirky town thrives off of their "magic tours".

One of the things I loved most about this book were our main characters Cora and Seb and their awkwardness towards each other. Cora is a shy witch who fears how powerful her magic can be if she doesn't contain it and bottle it up. She loves the peace and quiet and working in the shop she owns with her best friend.

Seb on the other hand, never has a moment alone. Not only is he living with his brother, but he can't escape the wolf inside of him that is constantly pushing him to pursue a certain witch in town. Every time he's near Cora, his wolf fights to take over and he ends up making a fool of himself. I mean it’s hard enough to talk to your crush, let alone your mate right?

Their interactions were priceless and I seriously laughed out loud at some of the more awkward parts of their interactions. Bad communication is usually a trope I struggle to get on board with. As a reader it can be frustrating knowing how both parties feel and watch them constantly tiptoe around it. The author Maggie Francis did such a good job with keeping it fun though that I didn't mind their constant babbling at each other and abrupt exits.

While I enjoyed the banter and overall lightheartedness of the book, they were some minor grammar errors and a handful questions left unanswered. A few revolving around the fact that Seb is the alpha of his pack, yet we never see them and he has left them for months in the effort of winning Cora over. We also don't really fully grasp how powerful Cora is and the limit to what she can and can't do.

I also felt that after such a slow build up, Cora and Seb's relationship kinda showed up out of nowhere. We know they're mates, but we don't really see that connection build up before the spicy scene towards the end of the book. They seemed to have had some deep and personally conversations with each other, but we never really learn what they talk about and then all of a sudden they can't leave each others side.

Overall, this was a good read and I finished the whole thing in one sitting. Plus it’s a great book if you’re 1. just starting to ease back or get into reading (sitting at about 260 pages), 2. love fantasy and romance books or 3. all of the above. I would definitely recommend this and if I understand correctly we should expect a second book soon!

Book Rating: 3/5

Spice Rating: 2/5

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

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