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Falling for Fairy Tales

If you are looking for a cheesy little romcom this Halloween, look no further. This book hits you with childhood friends-to-lovers, small town, workplace romance tropes.

Our FMC Lilianna Rose is an anxious witch planning for the town's biggest event of the year. If that wasn’t nerve wracking enough, her childhood best friend and longtime crush moves back into town and shocker, is assigned to help her plan the event.

While the entire book was fluffy and adorable, I had some difficulties following who’s POV we were in at times. It bounced back and forth quite a bit and it took me a minute in each new chapter to understand what was going on.

Outside of that, I had a difficult time picturing the scenes. While this magical town was full of all types of witches and creatures, I kept forgetting they had real powers until something happened. It could have just as easily been a normal town that really enjoys the Halloween season and goes all out every year, so I wish they would have been more focused on the magic they had.

The book also moved at an extremely fast pace, which is typically something I enjoy about a good read. In this case, it moved so quickly with little to no background knowledge of our main characters, that I didn’t feel any attachment to them. I wasn’t rooting for them, I was just very indifferent. Taking that time to create characters that we want to succeed is super important and I feel it was skipped over a bit in favor of getting through the main plot of the story.

Overall, I am so glad I read it and want to congratulate Isabel on her debut novel. I am so appreciative of receiving this ARC and was so happy to help with the promo of its release. While it may have fallen a little short with me, I truly believe that it is still an adorable read during this Halloween time. It was a quick read so it won’t hurt you and you’ll be helping support an indie author, so it’s really a win-win. If it sounds interesting to you, check it out and enjoy the spooky season!

Book Rating: 2/5

Spice Rating: 2/5

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