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You Can't Kiss The Nanny, Brady Banks

One can only say they love sports romances so many times before it gets annoying. But I. Love. Sports. Romances. This was a great example of why the addition of a fit professional athlete makes everything better. Add in the fact that they’re a single parent means I’m completely done for.

Brady Daddy Banks was something straight from a dream. I loved how hard he fell for his one-night stand, turned nanny Violet Park and the little restraint he had when it came to her. While one of my personal favorite parts of a romance book is the tension between the two main characters, I was thankful there wasn’t too much in this read. I also realized how sexy pantry’s can be…

The plot alone had me hooked before I even started the book, but I was a little disappointed in the lack of background details in our characters. Violet wasn’t ready to jump into a new relationship because her fiance cheated on her. While definitely understandable because we got minimal details about it, it just seemed like an excuse she used to deny her feelings.

On the other hand, Brady’s adult ass was still working through some mommy issues. Again, having a parent who left when he was a baby is completely understandable and no other mother figure could replace that. But besides knowing his mom left, he’d always had his step-mom in the picture and his abandonment issues seemed like an excuse.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and was thankful it was so easy to follow seeing as it is the second book in the Kingsman Football series (and this being an ARC from the amazing Valentine PR, I wasn’t able to read the first one beforehand). This book taught me that my love of sports romances isn’t going anywhere and that I love an ~educational~ mom who teaches their son just what a woman wants…

Book Rating: 4/5

Spice Rating: 3/5

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