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Wreck It Ralph: Ralph Breaks the Internet (2019)

There are so many angles you could take when talking about Wreck It Ralph: Ralph Breaks the

Internet. The way that these characters know that they are just bytes of code, how the film depicts

the internet in a family friendly way warning children about the dangers that can come with the

internet, the anxiety that is shown in our main characters for various reasons, or even the challenges

of growing up and wanting to seek change in your life. Wreck It Ralph: Ralph Breaks the Internet is a fantastic sequel to its predecessor. It goes about the lives of Penelope and Ralph as they continue in their life as video game characters in an arcade. Seeking something different and moving into the new age they experience the joys and fears of the internet as they embark on a mission to find a new steering wheel for Sugar Rush. Like I said, this film takes on several different topics, and I want to take a deeper dive into the way that it provides children with their first look at anxiety and clingy behavior.

Anxiety was shown throughout the entire film when we are introduced to Penelope’s glitch in

the first film. When she is upset, she glitches, but she also can control her glitches when she feels like it.

In this film we get a larger look at how the glitch adds another layer to her as a character, and what that does to her as the storyline develops. This is just one way that anxiety is depicted in this film. When we look at Ralph, we can see anxiety in an entirely different form, but one that is still very relevant when it comes to relationships. Ralph depicts for us how some might feel when things are changing and when we don’t want to move onto something new. It also shows us how some might feel when you can see your close friend gaining different interest than you or wanting to change something that feels so normal in your lives together. This can be largely shown at the climax of the film, which leads to our resolution of the film, being that if you can learn how to navigate the changes with your best friend then you will be fine and find solace in the new dynamic that you have.

As always, I want to touch on the sound design, score and soundtrack quickly of the film. The soundtrack was fine, nothing special that stood out to me. I do however think that the original song in this film WAS INCREDIBLE. It was a princess song, but not really. It was for lack of better words here 'the vibe that we needed' in this film. The film itself is quirky so not trying to hard to fit the mood of this film was perfect. The score and sound design were both great, had fantastic attention to detail that really added to the feeling of being immersed inside a video game and created a new way for sounds in that space for me. A film I recommend watching for the Disney princesses in loungewear alone if this is not your normal genre of film.


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