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Spider-man: Into The Spider-verse (2018)

Storytelling is a large part of any film, but in Spider-man Into the Spider-verse the usage of

the comic book story telling created a different way to show the purpose of this film and

intertwine the different story lines we see throughout the film. This film is an introduction

to Myles Morales, and a film that was done by Sony Animation Studios in collaboration with

Marvel. This takes place in Brooklyn, New York following the story of our main character, in his

pursuit of becoming the next Spider-man. This film utilizes the advantages of having a young

boy gain the powers of a superhero, showing the classic tropes of any superhero movie;

rejection, figuring out how to use them, a major turning point, and finally accepting them

and becoming who they are made to be.

To take a deeper dive into this, the cinematography helps bring these things full circle.

From the perspective shots that are used to convey emotion, or the usage of low shots

when power is attempting to be conveyed in the scene. The constant flipping between

different shots in certain scenes also added to that heightened sense of emotion at times (i.e

when Myles first attempts to use his powers). The usage of a two shot toward the climax of

our film adds to not only the choice of cinematography, but to the comic book style film as

well. From the fight at Aunt May’s to show the use of small screen cinema being separated

by black lines to how words are used in this film in the background or by following our

characters with them. All utilizing that pop art that is in comic books. You can even see this in the transitions that are used in the film as well, certain scenes get a page flip as if we are reading this

comic. I would be remised to not quickly mention the sound design for this film, everything did

a fantastic job of creating a way for us to be immersed in the film. While also becoming one

with our character. Specifically in terms of the soundtrack, there was music that would relate to how

our protagonist, sees the world around him. Down to sound design, which felt more like putting us

into a video game when it was being utilized. Lastly this film from just a consumer standpoint was a fantastic film. I loved it the first time I saw it, and still love it today. With that I am excited to see the

second film and for those who haven’t watched this yet I suggest you add it to your must watch list!


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