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Eight Perfect Hours

So I finished this book at 3 am (are we even surprised at this point?) and cannot believe what I read. A beautiful love story about fate and timing and crossing paths. I loved every second of this book and got my heart broken and put back together several times throughout the duration of it.

It was so mundane, but magical at the same time. It was refreshing to read this “real” relationship. The complications that go into them, comfort with exes and the routine of being with someone. Some relationships can be easy and someone may feel like they your person for a certain amount of time, but it doesn’t always mean they are the one. I loved seeing our main characters put all the little pieces together and the ending was everything I needed.

Now I have no bad words about this book. None. But I can’t help but sit here and wonder what some chapters (or another book) would look like from Sam’s point of view. What did he make of all of this, how did he feel everything he said goodbye thinking he would never see Noelle again?

This book was so well done and is so under hyped!! Everyone should read this and feel what I’m feeling right now. I’ve added yet another fictional boyfriend to the list. All the love to this book and a new favorite author Lia Louis.

Now this is the point where I have to warn you that if you haven’t read this book and you don’t want to know what happens I kindly suggest you stop reading now.

Eight Perfect Hours has such a nice ring to it, but it was really more like Fifteen Fucking Years. I got chills at the odd coincidence that they meet twice randomly. Then it kept happening and they started to connect the dots back to penpals, a keychain and then ultimately the day of the time capsule. I loved this twist and thinking about every decision they made that led them to end up where they were was wild. One different decision and they could’ve never crossed paths. One change of direction could’ve set their lives on completely different roads. It makes me reflect on my own decisions, you always question whether you made the right choice or not, but I’ve always believed (and even more now after reading this) that everything happens for a reason. You will end up where you’re supposed to. This book is one of my new favorites and I’m so excited to have started 2022 off so strong with this amazing read.

Book Rating: 12/5

Spice Rating: .5/5 (not spicy, but we love her anyways)

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