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Little Nikki

I got the cutest children’s book in the mail over the holiday break. The author Nicole Marshall was so kind and sent me a free copy of this and I love it! Little Nikki: Her Journey to Self-Love is an adorable story about a young girl growing up self-conscious, doubting herself and everything that makes her, her.

Our main character Little Nikki struggles to find acceptance as she stars school for the first time. She goes through a phase where she loses interests in activities and hobbies that she enjoys because she gets made fun of. She notices that other people view her differently and that it changed the way she viewed herself. As she gets older she learns that there is only 1 Little Nikki in the world and discovers her own self-love.

One thing I particularly loved about this book was the emphasis that Little Nikki DID NOT CHANGE. Despite her classmates putting her down, she stayed true to herself and who she is. That is a huge point that I think kids don't hear enough. It's important to be yourself, because nobody can do you like you!

I thought this book was great and loved the idea of teaching kids from a young age to embrace themselves, flaws and all! The art was so beautifully done and went so great with the story telling on each page. I definitely recommend this children’s read and will continue to embrace the message this story conveys as well as do my part to teach it to the next generation.

Here's the amazon link below if you're interested in purchasing your own copy of this book!


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